JT Stockroom

Friday, September 19, 2014

BDSM Play 13: Using her in the garage

Since we've moved, it's been difficult to find the time and privacy to play, but we still do.  We still crave it.  Still need it.  So we find our moments when we can.

My slave sometimes presents the belt to me in my basement office, where we have some privacy.  One day, after I reddened her ass with the metal-studded belt, I got up, grabbed her by the hair, and growled in her, ear, "I'm going to use that body now, little whore."  

I walked her to the door that led to the garage, then led her over to the couch.  This couch was a gift and would have gone into my office, but we couldn't fit it through any door, so we left it out there.  Good thing.  I had a place to use her hard in private.  

I shoved her down onto the couch and mounted her, then grabbed her hair in both of my hands and yanked her head back and down, holding her firmly against the cushion.  I fucked her hard, letting go of her hair with one hand to smack her in the head, saying, "You like that, worthless little whore?  Nasty little slut!"  I grabbed her hair again, then let it go and smacked her, saying something else degrading.  She loves degradation and the smacks in the head.  It gets her so wet.  

Continuing to fuck her hard, I covered her mouth and nose with my hand, cutting off her breath.  She began to struggle against me as I thrust, making me want to fuck her even harder.  Her reactions made me savage, brutal.  I took my hand away from her mouth, let her catch her breath, then put both hands around her neck and fucked her violently.  

I came inside of her, smacked her in the head and said, "Now get upstairs and get dinner ready, whore."   I went back to work, and she made me dinner.  Aftercare started after work, when we sat on the couch together, watching a movie, with me stroking her hair or her breasts.