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Monday, February 16, 2015

BDSM Play 18: Spanking opportunity, resistance, breath play, begging, edging, oral, rough fucking, anal

Yesterday morning, as my slave and I were getting ready to take a shower, my stepdaughter began to run the vacuum, making it impossible for anyone to hear what we were doing.  I took the opportunity to redden her sweet little ass.  I grabbed a fistful of her hair near the roots to hold her in place, then I slapped her ass, alternating cheeks, hard enough to sting both my hand and her round little butt.

"We have to take these little opportunities as they present themselves," I growled in her ear when I was satisfied with the color.  

"Yes, Master," she said, as she laid her head on my chest and I stroked her hair.  

We entered the shower soon after.  As she applied conditioner to her hair, I wrapped one arm around her waist, supported her with one leg, then found her clit with my other hand.  I fingered her rapidly, letting her feel my hot breath on her neck as I brought her to orgasm.

"Master, may I cum?" she pleaded.

"Yes, little whore.  Cum for me."  She nearly collapsed when it hit her, knees bent, mouth parted, unable to stay steady on her own.  I was there for her, though; she would not fall with me holding her.  
We finished our shower, went about our day, then wound up on the couch watching a movie.  She laid against my left side, and I rubbed her breasts, as I usually do...but I slid my left hand into her pants, fingering her again.  I got my fingers wet with her juices, which I brought to her lips.  She sucked at them greedily.  I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and wiped her saliva on her face.  She loves the degradation.  I went back to fingering her, repeating the ritual, breaking it only by covering her mouth and nose with my hand and cutting off her breath.

The first time, she took awhile to panic.  During her panic reaction, she reached back to grab my right arm.  I seized her wrist and held the arm across my lap--it's always impossible for her to resist with only one arm free, but I love to see her try.  She tapped out, and I released her mouth and nose, but held onto her wrist.  She looked incredibly sexy, one breast showing, her full abdomen, down to the upper region of her labia.  Holding her there made me so hot.

I fingered her to orgasm once, then cut off her breath a second time.  She tried to pull my right hand off of her wrist, but it was in vain.  She had no chance.  She tapped out again.  I fingered her again, but this time, I refused to let her orgasm.  

"Master, may I please cum?  Please?  Please let me cum.  Please?"  She begged.  Fuck, it's so hot when she begs.  She sounds so submissive and utterly feminine and sexy when she begs. My cock hardened against my jeans--I'm sure she felt against her arm.  

"No, not yet," I replied, and went back to cutting of her breath.  This time, when she tried to pull my hand off her wrist, I grabbed it and put it together with her other arm--and almost lost the first arm in the process.  I managed to gain control over both, and now she was completely unable to put up a fight.  

I allowed her to breath again, then went back to fingering her.  She began to beg, "Master, will you fuck me?  Please, Master.  Please?"

"I will if I feel like it, little slut.  But you can keep begging."

"Master, please treat me like the little whore I am.  Please use my pussy.  Fuck me, please, Master. Please...oh, please let me cum.  Please?  Please!"  She was so close.  I took my finger away from her clit.  

"No, not yet, little whore.  Not yet."  I cut off her breath again, savored her reaction, watching her sexy body writhe as she struggled to breathe. I released her and fingered her again.  She begged some more...and it was time.  I had to fuck her.  

We went back to the bedroom.  I pushed her down on the bed.  She didn't stay in place--she was looking to escape.  She continued to resist as I undressed her.  I nearly ripped of her shirt while I was stripping her.  I had her naked, and I went down on her freshly-shaven pussy.  It wasn't long before she was begging me for permission to cum. 

Again, I refused.

I bit her on the belly, I bit her tits...she writhed and struggled to get away, but I kept biting.  I got the belt, I wrapped it around her arms, held them in place, and went down on her again.  This time, I let her cum.  Her orgasm was so intense.  Her backed arched, her lips parted, her breath caught, and she didn't breathe or moan again until the most intense moments passed.  

She was so wet, I slid my cock right into her.  

"I'm going to take my time, little slut, and enjoy using your body and making you suffer."  I grabbed her hair in two handfuls and yanked on it with each thrust.  She was nearly in tears, but no safe phrase escaped her lips.  She managed to get the belt off of her arms, but I put it around her neck instead, and I used it to choke her while I thrust harder.  I loosened it some, enjoying the look of it around her throat, then took the end and slapped her cheek with it.  Carefully.  So carefully.  I didn't want to catch her eye or anything else--just her cheek.

She asked permission to cum, but I didn't quite understand her, and asking her to repeat herself lost the moment...but I pulled out and fingered her roughly till she begged to cum instead.  I turned her over and began to fuck her wet little cunt from behind, grabbing her wrists and pulling her arms up behind her.  It forced her face into the mattress, which I'm sure made her feel degraded.  I grabbed an ass cheek, wrapped my leg firmly around her thigh, and used the leverage to thrust into her harder.

"Master, would you fuck me in the ass?  Please?"  We hadn't done anal in awhile, actually, so I had her lay flat on the bed, and with her natural lubricant coating my cock, I entered her tight little ass easily.  I hooked an arm and grabbed her hair, then thrust rapidly, savagely.  She loves a good anal fuck.  

Sweaty, tired, I rolled off of her, laid next to her awhile, stroked her hair, told her how much I loved her, then went and took a shower.  

The next morning, the power went out at 5:30.  I ended up getting up and staying up, but the alarm was set to go off at 8:30.  I thought I'd wake her up in a different way.  I went into the room, threw the blanket off of her, dragged her by her legs to the edge of the bed, pushed them up, then thrust against her.  I fucked her for a bit, but she said she had to use the bathroom.  I let her go, and when she came back, I directed her to suck my cock, which was coated her her wetness.

She went down on me, and I wrapped a leg around her.  I used my leg to set her pace, force her down, making her take my cock into her throat.  It wasn't long before I came into her throat.  I laid next to her again for a bit, caressing her soft skin..  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BDSM Info 1: Minimizing risks with choking and asphyxiation

My slave and I engage in some risky behavior.  There is no doubt that asphyxiation and choking are risky, and there is no 100% safe way to do them.  However, there are ways to minimize the risk.

Make no mistake: this play is dangerous and should never be taken lightly, if you're going to engage in it.  Cutting off oxygen for too long can be lethal.  Done carelessly, it could lead to heart attacks, brain damage, seizures, and other conditions.  

So why do we do it?  It gives us both intense sexual pleasure.  I've been doing it for two decades now, and I have not caused any injuries or death--but I still proceed with great caution.

First, let's define what I mean by asphyxiation and choking.

Asphyxiation: Deprivation of air.  

Choking: Applying pressure to the neck

Choking risks and safety

Let's begin with choking:  Choking is risky because you can do damage to the trachea (windpipe), the esophagus (the path from your mouth to your stomach), the jugular vein, which carries blood back to your heart from the brain, or the carotid artery, which carries blood to the brain.  Some methods of choking may also cause damage to the spine.

Here's what you should avoid in relation to choking:

  • Never apply direct pressure to the front of the neck.  Even if you are applying pressure to the sides, you might find your thumbs pressing into the neck.  You can crush the larynx, which will cut off the airway, or you could damage the hyoid bone
  • Avoid sudden impacts.  Some people are into hanging.  Use extreme caution.  Never do it alone, and never let yourself fall for any distance.  Gravity matters.  You could break your neck or do all sorts of damage.  
  • Remember that there are a lot of nerves in the neck, some of which will knock a person unconscious.  Some of them lead to the rest of the body.  Damaging them or pinching them will cause pain or numbness. 
  • Focusing pressure on the neck may cause bruising and other damage.  Marks on the neck are going to be visible.  Spread the pressure evenly to avoid marks and minimize risk of damage.   

Best practices:

  • Use something wide if you are wrapping it around the entire neck to distribute pressure evenly
  • If you are using the hands, be mindful of the pressure you applying with your fingertips and your thumbs.  Keep the pressure even across your palms and fingers.
  • Start gently, applying pressure slowly and firmly. 
  • Since choking leads to unconsciousness, make sure that the person being choked has a grip on you or has the ability to raise the head or arms, so when they begin to fall, you know to stop.  
  • Watch for reactions.  When the reactions slow, you need to stop.  

Asphyxiation risks and safety

My slave and I engage in asphyxiation play more than choking.  Asphyxiation is also known as hypoxyphilia, asphxiophilia, sexual asphyxia, or breath play.  We use plastic shrink wrap (found in rolls in the moving supplies section in your do-it-yourself stores), my hand over her mouth and nose, a heavy memory foam pillow, and sometimes my own flesh.  I press her face against my chest, my thighs, my belly; I also have engaged in sitting on her face, resting my scrotum over her mouth and nose.  It's large enough to cover her face.  

Breath play can also include suffocation by applying one's body weight such a way that the lungs have difficulty expanding and the diaphragm's expansion and contraction is restricted.   Laying on your partner's body can do this.  Tight corsets restrict the action of the respiratory system, as well (which is why women used to faint when they wore them).  Covering the face with cloth (e.g., putting a shirt over the face instead of taking it all the way off, wrapping a scarf around the head, etc.) will restrict airflow somewhat.  Gags and taping over the mouth also work.  We do not do gags because of my slave's TMJ (jaw problem), but we still use tape over her mouth.

Whatever method you use, you have to take the following into consideration:

  • Time is a huge factor.  Four minutes without oxygen will cause brain damage for certain, if not brain death.  Cardiac arrest is also a huge risk with low blood oxygen levels.  
  • Lack of oxygen can cause unconsciousness, which means the submissive cannot tap out or say her/his safe word.  This is dangerous for all kinds of reasons, but there's also the consideration of consent--if your sub is incapable of consent, you should stop playing immediately.  That aside, your sub cannot alert you of any medical/psychological concerns.  Panic will usually set in before unconsciousness will, but if your sub is particularly good at fighting the panic response, look for slowing of reactions/weaker responses. 
  • If you block the mouth, pay special attention to the nose.  The nose can become congested, especially if the submissive ends up crying during play.  
  • Under no circumstances should you leave a sub who cannot breathe unattended, but you should also not leave a sub who has any airway restricted unattended,as well.  
  • Allow the submissive to catch her/his breath before cutting off the airways again.  This allows the blood oxygen level to normalize, which minimizes the risk of heart attack and brain damage.
  • It is essential for the submissive to know that tapping out is acceptable, but you are ultimately responsible for her/his safety.  
Jay Wiseman, author of SM 101, says that there is no safe way to do breath play.  While that may be true, one may as well say that there is no safe way to swim underwater. The risk is the same, as long as you take it seriously, don't deprive your sub of oxygen for long, and let the submissive catch her/his breath between the times you cut it off.  Research on people who hold their breath frequently for long periods, as indicated in this article, has yielded mixed results, but, as the article also says, free divers have neurological responses that fall within the average range, and they hold their breath longer than it takes for most submissives to panic.  Panic usually sets in from fifteen seconds to forty-five, in my experience, with few exceptions.